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We had such a fun 2019 visiting lots of places around the UK. We’re hoping to make 2020 even better and we’re going to be sharing all of our experiences from our Bucket List, with you.

Make Life Wild Alan and Megan 2020 Bucket List

2019 marked the first year of Make Life Wild. We started it together so we could document our travels, remember some of the places we’ve visited and hopefully inspire a few people along the way.

We’re enjoying sharing our pictures on Instagram and seeing some of the places you’ve visited as well (and we’re always up for some suggestions). So for 2020, we’ve created a travel bucket list. Some places to visit, some experiences to try and memories to create.

Places to visit in 2020

We’re going to get out and about a lot more in 2020 and these are some of the places we’re planning on visiting. This is an ongoing post and we’ll be updating it throughout the year.


Alan is lucky enough to have a week in Barcelona for work in March. So we’re taking advantage and tagging on a little weekend break. Megan is going to fly out at the weekend and we’ll explore the city (or as much as we can!)


Last year we did a Scotland road trip where we visited a few places in the Scottish highlands, including a stop in Edinburgh. This year, we’re taking the road trip to Wales. We’ll be taking on Snowdon, the Brecon Beacons and the Welsh coast.

Lake District

We visited the Lakes with some friends back in 2019 and the weather got the best of us. So we’re planning a return in 2020 to take in some more of the beautiful scenery. We’ll also be taking on Scafell Pike, the highest peak in England.

Peak District

Similarly to the Lakes, we’ve already been to the Peak District, but there’s so much to see! We’ll be planning a couple more trips here.

Experiences to try in 2020

As well as visiting places in 2020, we want to try some more hobbies. Some of these will help us get fit, others will push us physically and mentally. All of them will help us have a fun year.

Tough Mudder

Alan did a Tough Mudder in 2019 and loved it. So this year, we’ve both signed up to do one. So we’ll be doing lots of training this year getting ready for that.

Rock climbing/bouldering

Something we’ve been talking about for a while. There’s a bouldering centre in York, so we’re going to be signing up for that soon. We’re hoping to be able to try some wild bouldering in the future, too!


We had a taste of this in the Lake District last year. We took out a two-person kayak on to a lake for an hour and it was so nice (even if we did get caught in a hail storm!). So this year, we’re going to give it a go again.

Night Walks

Something that’s very different to anything we’ve done before. We normally actively avoid staying out once it’s dark. To see things in a different light (literally) and for a chance to see some amazing dark skies, we’d like to try doing some midnight walks.


Another healthy hobby. We’ve talked about this in the past as a way of seeing a bit more of a city or the countryside in a shorter time. It’ll make it possible for us to take a train to visit places and then cycle out further than we could walk, too. So we can take some more environmentally friendly modes of transport.


Surfing is something we’ve both always wanted to do. So in 2020, we’re going to make it happen! We’ll likely give it a try when we visit Wales because it has a few beaches that are good for surfing. We’ve never done anything like it before, so that will be fun!

Our 2020 pledge

Whilst we want to travel around in 2020, we also want to do what we can to protect the environment. We are aiming to make our travelling carbon neutral in 2020. We’ll be doing this by picking up litter whilst we’re hiking and making environmentally friendly food and packaging choice

To go even further to make our travelling carbon neutral, we’ll be donating to tree planting charities to plant trees each time we visit somewhere this year. For 2020 we’re choosing the Woodland Trust charity. We’ve chosen them because of the work they do to plant trees. Every £3 that’s donated to them goes towards the planting and cultivating of one tree.

We hope you all have a wonderful 2020 and go out there, explore new places and experience new things. We would love to know what your 2020 travel bucket list is, and if you are tempted to try any of our ideas too. Follow us on Instagram to see our pictures and drop us a message to let us know some of the places you’ve visited that you think we should try.

Don’t forget to Make Life Wild.

Alan and Megan x

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