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Welcome to Make Life Wild

We’re Alan and Megan, a wanderlust couple based in York, North Yorkshire. When we started dating we quickly discovered our shared interest in travelling, camping and hiking. It wasn’t long before we began planning camping trips, weekend hikes and road trips around the UK. 

Make Life Wild came to life in Summer 2019 during a visit to Scotland. After realising that we wanted to share our adventures and help other explorers and adventure seekers. We believe that it should be easy to get into hiking and we want to help it become accessible to more people.

We’ll be using this space to write about walking routes we’ve taken, places we’ve stayed and travel tips and hacks we’ve picked up along the way. There’s lots of information out there already, so we’ll even be testing some routes, products, and tips from others to see if they hold up.

As we continue to discover the world, we also continue to make a positive impact on the places we visit. During our adventures, we always do our bit for the environment by picking up the litter we find on our tracks and discarding of it properly.

We will also be donating to the Woodland Charity Trust every time we travel, to offset our carbon emissions. By donating to this cause, we will contribute towards planting more trees, for every journey we take.

If you would like to show your support, simply donate to our JustGiving page and help the Woodland Trust plant more trees!

Follow our journey on social media and join the conversation with #MakeLifeWild

Adventure awaits.

Alan and Megan

Alan and Megan