Our 2020 Carbon Neutral Travel Pledge

Climate change is one of the most talked-about topics today; and for good reason. It’s literally changing our planet and not in a good way.

We love nature and being in the great outdoors, so we want to protect it. That’s why we’re making the pledge to make all of our travel carbon neutral in 2020.

What does Carbon Neutral Travel mean?

Carbon Neutral means that the amount of carbon emitted is equal or less than the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere by such things as planting trees, using less waste, eating locally sourced food, etc…

For our travel to be carbon neutral, we’ll be doing some of these things to offset the carbon produced by travelling to some of these wonderful places that could be at risk from climate change.

How we’re measuring our Travel Carbon Footprint

Calculating a carbon footprint can be complicated. We’ll be basing our Travel Carbon Footprint on the amount of carbon we create travelling to and from a destination. This includes driving, taking a train, flying, getting a boat or any other fuel-powered transport.

To measure our Travel Carbon Footprint, we’ll be using the Carbon Calculator from Carbon Footprint Ltd. This will allow us to add in the distances travelled via various modes of transport and will calculate our Travel Carbon Footprint.

How will we offset our Travel Carbon Footprint

Where possible we will take the most environmentally friendly mode of transport to places. However, a lot of places aren’t easily accessible via public transport. To offset our Travel Carbon Footprint, we’ll be doing a few different things.

Litter picking

Whilst this might not directly offset our Travel Carbon Footprint, it is good for the environment. When we’re hiking and walking in the countryside, we sometimes see rubbish that has been left by others. Wherever we go, we’ll aim to pick up rubbish and recycle it where possible.

Planting Trees

One of the best ways to offset carbon emissions is to plant trees. Trees absorb carbon and use it for food, removing it from our atmosphere.

For 2020 we’re choosing the Woodland Trust charity. We’ve chosen them because of the work they do to plant trees. Every £5 that’s donated to them goes towards the planting and cultivating of one tree.

Each month we’ll calculate our Travel Carbon Footprint and donate to our JustGiving page to offset those emissions. We’ll also be encouraging you to donate to either our JustGiving page or to a tree-planting charity of your choice.

We’re hoping to raise enough money to plant 100 trees in 2020. We hope you can join us on our Carbon Neutral Travel in 2020 by donating as little or as much as you can.